JNelson Farms

At JNelson Farms, our vision is to provide healthy food to help people live a healthy life.  JNelson Farms is owned and operated by Jon and Tammy Nelson about 8 miles northwest of Midland, Mi. on Stark Road.  We have 200 acres of pasture land to support our herd of grazing cattle.  Our cattle enjoy the pasture all year long.  Just in case there are minerals or vitamins needed that they are not receiving from the pasture, they also have these available as free choice supplements.  In the summer forage is harvested from additional land for the cattle to eat in the seasons when the growth of the pasture isn’t adequate to supply their nutritional needs.

Jon and Tammy were married in 2000 combining a family of 6 kids and a vision for taking care of people.  With some tragic events in our past, we trusted God’s promises for a peaceful and happy future.  We felt that part of those promises from God included the farm that we purchased shortly after we were married.  It provided a wonderful place for our 5 boys who were still at home to grow up.  There were many exciting adventures.  Some positive, some not as positive but all part of shaping the family that we are today.

Over the years, our farm has been a place of gathering with lots of bonfires, big dinners with family and friends, an informal bed and breakfast for someone who needed a place to stay for a while, opportunity for employment, etc.

In 2010, we both began learning more about healthy food and sustainable practices for producing it when we got involved with Crossfit, an international fitness organization.  We had always tried to be healthy in our food choices but now began studying it more intensely.  We learned of the health benefits from grass-fed beef versus grain-fed and began the transition from a conventional cash crop farm to raising grass-fed beef.  Working closely with Michigan State University and other experts has helped us learn of the best practices for grazing and soil management.

Tammy had always raised vegetables in our garden for the family using organic practices.  Recently, we added a hoophouse to our farm in order to extend the season for raising vegetables.  We look forward to having these available for our community in the future as well.